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Online Filing is the primary tool for filing and responding to arbitration cases online via AF's Web site. Online Filing users save time and close cases faster. They also have immediate access to decisions the moment they are published! Be sure to sign up today to start experiencing these benefits.

To gain access to Online Filing, you will need to have an individual User ID set up. You can do this by contacting your company's Security Administrator. If you are unsure who that is, please contact Online Support.

If your company does not have a Security Administrator, please have the appropriate person complete the Security Administrator Profile Form.

We have created a tutorial to familiarize new security administrators with their role and a Security Administrator Guide that provides detailed instructions on adding and managing users on the AF Web site.

If you are a TPA and are requesting online access to your client's cases, AF will need your client's written consent in order to process your request. This can be in the form of an e-mail to Please contact Member Services for any further information regarding TPA online access.

Below is a list of Online Filing Resources that will provide you additional information about how to utilize this service.



  1. Online Filing Tutorial (14 minutes) - This tutorial covers how to access the online filing function, enter claim information, submit your case, and provides the option to cover how to attach evidence. (Published 10/15/10)
  2. Online Responding Tutorial (11 minutes) - This tutorial covers how to access the online responding function, enter response information, submit your response, and attach evidence electronically. (Published 10/15/10)
  3. Online Counterclaims Tutorial (12 minutes) - This tutorial covers how to access the online counterclaim function, enter the counterclaim information, attach evidence, and enter response information. (Published 12/03/10)
  4. The EES - Direct Upload Demonstration (4 minutes) - This tutorial describes the process used to upload evidence items directly into Online Filing (Auto Forum only) for those members who will be configured for Electronic Evidence Submission. The Direct Upload FAQ provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Direct Upload method.
  5. Arbitration Document Coversheet Tutorial (5 minutes) - This tutorial will demonstrate the process of preparing paper-based evidence documents for submission to AF via mail. (Published 05/26/10)

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