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Member arbitrators are a vital force that make the Intercompany Arbitration process such a success.

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Online Tutorials

Thank you for your interest in our online video training tutorials!

We offer our members meaningful and relevant training on the various intercompany arbitration Forums and Processes to ensure your success and satisfaction. These tutorials are self-paced, meaning you can pause and rewind sections at your convenience.

Click the desired link to launch the tutorial:


Auto/Property Forum (18 minutes) - This tutorial will familiarize you with the types of cases filed in each forum, the Rules and Regulations, and tips on completing the applications as Applicant and Respondent. (Published 8/25/14)

New York No-Fault Arbitration (12 minutes) - This tutorial will enable you to identify the mandatory arbitration claim types, apply the New York regulation and describe the arbitration procedures. (Published 8/25/14)

PIP/Med Pay Forums (14 minutes) - This tutorial will acquaint you with the types of cases filed in each forum, the Rules and Regulations, the compulsory dollar limit for each forum and tips on completing the application as Applicant and Respondent. (Published 8/25/14)

Special Arbitration Forum (23 minutes) - This tutorial covers the basics of Special Arbitration from the types of disputes that must be resolved to how to file as Company 1 or respond as Company 2. (Published 8/25/14)


Arbitration Document Coversheet (5 minutes) - This tutorial will demonstrate the process of preparing paper-based evidence documents for submission to AF via fax. (Published 11/2/12)

The EES - Direct Upload Demonstration (4 minutes) - This tutorial describes the process used to upload evidence items directly into Online Filing for those members who will be configured for Electronic Evidence Submission. The Direct Upload FAQ provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Direct Upload method. (Published 11/2/12)

Online Filing (14 minutes) - This tutorial covers how to access the online filing function, enter claim information, submit your case and provides the option to cover how to attach evidence. (Published 8/25/14)

Online Counterclaims (12 minutes) - This tutorial covers how to access the online counterclaim function, enter the counterclaim information, attach evidence and enter response information. (Published 8/25/14)

Online Responding (15 minutes) - This tutorial covers how to access the online responding function, enter response information, submit your response and attach evidence electronically. (Published 8/25/14)

Writing Effective Contentions (10 minutes) -This tutorial will enable you to explain the relationship between evidence and contentions, identify three components of well-written contentions, write a position in a logical format and state the four elements of proof. (Published 8/25/14)

Other Resources

AFClient Training Resources - This Web page provides resources for members who are configured to use AFClient to electronically submit their evidence.

To access more information on topics such as Damage Disputes, Affirmative Defenses, and Online Decision Entry, please visit the Arbitrator Resources page, where you can view tutorials on these topics and more.

For more information on our online tutorials or other training offerings, contact our Training Department at